When visiting a school, we often hear comments such as…

  • “I would carpool but I don’t really know other families in my neighborhood.”
  • “I’d love for my child to bike to school but I don’t want them to ride alone.”
  • “We live right around the corner but with my work schedule I can’t walk with my son every day.”

SchoolPool’s ridematching services provide the perfect solution to these challenges. Families interested in carpooling, biking, or walking can complete a SchoolPool Ridematch Request. SchoolPool will then provide them with contact information for other families in their neighborhood interested in sharing the ride. All information provided to SchoolPool is kept confidential and adheres to the program’s strict privacy policy.


Carpooling is when two or more families share the ride to and/or from school. Carpooling is a great way for families at your school to:

  • Meet other families to help alleviate some of the daily responsibilities of picking-up and dropping-off their students, even if it’s used only in the event of an emergency or last-minute schedule change.
  • Save time.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles in the afternoon car line.

Carpool Lane

Occasionally a school campus might have the right conditions to implement a carpool lane. A carpool lane is a specially designated area that carpoolers can use during the afternoon pick-up instead of waiting in the general pick-up line. The carpool lane varies from school to school. In some cases it might be a special area that is accessible only to carpoolers and in others it may be an alteration in the queuing system for the existing pick-up line.

Your SchoolPool representative will evaluate the conditions at your school and provide recommendations on potential options for implementing a lane. To ensure that safety is first and foremost when developing a lane, SchoolPool will include any necessary resources to evaluate any and all recommendations.

The carpool lane is not only a benefit to families who have made the choice to carpool, but it can also encourage other families to start sharing the ride.

Bicycle & Walk Groups

Bicycling and walking to and from school are the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. They are also a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

In an effort to encourage safety while bicycling and walking, the SchoolPool program promotes the development of bicycle and walk groups. Working with school administration, School Board traffic safety officers and school crossing guards, your SchoolPool representative can help identify pockets of opportunity to develop groups at your school. In some cases, this may include development of a SchoolPool Route Map. The route map provides information on crossing guard locations, bicycle paths/lanes, etc., that can help families plan their route to school.