Broward County School Board

In partnership with the Broward County School Board, SchoolPool is an approved and accepted program for all Broward County Public Schools, allowing individual schools to promote it at their discretion. In addition, as the Broward County School Board develops their green schools rewards program, SchoolPool will be incorporated into the way in which a school’s green participation level is judged.


Commit2BFit is working with SFCS to encourage children to be physically fit by walking and bicycling to school when possible. Working together, the two agencies will target elementary school students in Martin County by encouraging them to find walking, bicycling or carpool partners and to keep track of the distance walked and biked.

Martin County School District

The Martin County School District supports and encourages its elementary and middle schools to participate in SchoolPool to reduce traffic congestion during drop-off and pick-up times. The district’s director of transportation views the program as a viable way to increase safety and limit parent wait times.

Palm Beach County Green Schools Program

Palm Beach County’s Green Schools Recognition Program recognizes and awards schools for taking a holistic approach to going green.  In 2012, a transportation component was added to the program, allowing interested schools  to partner with the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT’s) SchoolPool Program. The program is  fully supported by the Palm Beach County School District, which allocates points to participating schools.

Palm Beach County School Board

The Palm Beach County School Board has fully supported the SchoolPool program since its inception. They have not only helped the SchoolPool program identify schools in need of transportation assistance, they have also fed SchoolPool information to each school through their various communication outlets. Their support has helped the SchoolPool Program become what it is today and will only continue to assist in its growth in the coming years.

SafeKids Coalition

SafeKids Coalition has partnered with SchoolPool to further their commitment to prevent accidental injuries and increase safety awareness in relation to bicycle and pedestrian safety. The objective of the coalition is to form partnerships within Broward County to promote, develop and host programs that educate parents and children on unintentional injuries and provide safety information and equipment within underserved communities.

St. Lucie County School District

The St. Lucie County School District has endorsed SchoolPool and encourages all schools across the county to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and traffic congestion. The district supports the use of carpools and bike and walk groups to reduce the number of individual car trips to school each day.

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St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization

The St. Lucie TPO has been an active partner with the St. Lucie County School district in implementing ride-share alternatives and educating children about the importance of safe walking and biking. The TPO has developed a science and safety curriculum at select elementary schools to promote these concepts.

FDOT Palm Beach County Community Traffic Safety Program

The CTST holds a bimonthly safety meeting bringing together municipalities, county personnel and law enforcement officials to discuss safety issues and upcoming FDOT projects throughout Palm Beach County.

Safe Routes to School Coalition

The SRTSC meets monthly to discuss safety concerns and projects affecting specific schools throughout Palm Beach County. The SRTSC coordinates an annual school safety event targeted to parents and primary school students.  SRTSC participants include various organizations promoting school safety, transportation and health such as Healthy Kids Healthy Communities, Commit2BFit, Palm Beach School District Planning Department, and the Department of Health’s Walking School Bus program.

Partnering Schools 


  • Limestone Creek Elementary
  • Jupiter Middle School
  • Jupiter Farms Community Elementary
  • Jensen Beach Elementary
  • Jerry Thomas
  • Timber Trace Elementary
  • Hobe Sound Elementary
  • Palm City Elementary
  • Floresta Elementary
  • Manatee Academy
  • HL Johnson Elementary
  • Quietwaters Elementary
  • Grassy Waters Elementary
  • Greenacres Elementary
  • Pine Jog Elementary
  • Sunset Palms Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Seminole Trails Elementary
  • Forest Hill Community High
  • Allamanda Elementary
  • Equestrian Trails Elementary
  • Northboro Elementary
  • South Olive Elementary
  • Elbridge Gale Elementary


“As soon as we turned carpooling into a contest, the car line diminished, as did the number of tardy students. What a great way to get everyone to go green!”  Nancy Marin, Principal of Palm City Elementary

“SchoolPool has been tremendously beneficial to the Palm Beach County schools that have participated in the program. Besides the obvious benefit of relieving congested and high-volume school traffic situations, carpooling provides significant air quality improvements, as well. Car pooling or ride sharing is a great way to reduce single occupant vehicle travel, which in turn, lessens the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated. We are proud of our schools who are taking proactive steps to make the commute to school a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable experience.”  Christina Crespo-Recycling and Sustainability Coordinator, PB County School Board

“We love the assistance in SchoolPool from South Florida Commuter Services. Not only to assist in the school carpooling, they provide education and encouragement for biking and walking at the schools, too. This helps create a safer environment around the schools by reducing traffic and providing education to students and adults.”  Marty E. Sanders, P.E, Executive Director of Growth Management, Land Acquisition, Inter-Governmental Relations, Facilities & Maintenance (Facilties Director) School Board of St. Lucie County

“The traffic survey completed by the SchoolPool team members was done in a very professional and nonjudgmental manner. After just one afternoon on our campus we received a comprehensive assessment, with photos, statistics, and suggested ways to enhance our transportation procedures to increase safety, reduce the length of our carline, and  energy consumption. I highly recommend every school  take advantage of this outstanding resource.” – Joan B. Gibbons, Principal, Hobe Sound Elementary School, Martin County, FL