Step 1:  Contact SchoolPool

Your first step to starting a program is to complete the SchoolPool Interest Survey. Once we receive your results, a SchoolPool representative will speak with you about setting up a meeting to discuss the FREE services provided through the program.

Step 2:  Site Assessment

Your SchoolPool representative will administer a site assessment of your school.  This allows us to get an idea of what’s currently happening at your school, what the challenges are, and begin formulating ideas on how we can assist in improving the school’s transportation network.

Step 3: Classroom Challenge

Surveying and analyzing the challenges, needs, and impressions of the families traveling to the school is an important step to developing a program that provides the best possible options.  SchoolPool has developed the classroom challenge to assist in surveying the population to collect this data.  The classroom that returns the most surveys is rewarded with an incentive provided by SchoolPool.

Step 4: Program Development

Once your SchoolPool representative has assessed the school she will provide school administration with recommendations on programs, activities, and campaigns that can be implemented to help increase participation in your school’s SchoolPool program.  This will include all associated marketing materials, incentives, and support.