Welcome to the Jupiter Farms Community Elementary SchoolPool page.

The SchoolPool program is a free transportation matching and participation program offered by the Florida Department of Transportation.  The goal of the program is to encourage students and families to carpool, bike, or walk to and from school.

Looking for a SchoolPool Match?

If you are interested in participating in the SchoolPool program and would like to find other families interested in carpooling, biking, or walking to school, the SchoolPool database can match you with other families interested in sharing the ride.

CLICK HERE to sign-up!  Once you are registered, we will email or mail you a list of other families at Jupiter Farms school who are also interested in participating.

Ready to Register Your Carpool & Use the Carpool Lane?
No more arriving early for dismissal!  No more waiting 30 minutes in the afternoon pick-up line!  Have your students ready to go when you arrive!

The Jupiter Farms carpool program allows registered carpooling families to bypass much of the afternoon carline and pick up their children with ease using the Carpool Lane.  A carpool is two different families who share the ride in the afternoon.

When you register, each family will receive special SchoolPool decals that designate you as a carpooler.  This decal will allow you to enter the  afternoon car line as usual, but instead of turning right into the parking lot loop, you’ll be able to drive straight ahead and merge with the line in front of the school This will make your afternoon pickup much quicker!

CLICK HERE to register your carpool. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a letter outlining the program detail including how to use the lanes as well as your SchoolPool Carpool Lane Decal.

For more information on the Jupiter Farms Elementary SchoolPool program, email schoolpool@1800234ride.com or call 1-800-234-7433.