There are many benefits to participating in a SchoolPool program:

  • SchoolPool makes it easy to find other families interested in sharing the ride. SchoolPool can provide you with a list of other families interested in carpooling, bicycling, or walking.
  • SchoolPool reduces traffic congestion around schools by reducing the number of cars actually traveling to and from the school. More carpools, bicyclists, and walkers = Less Cars!
  • SchoolPool reduces the harmful greenhouse gases being produced around our schools. Families in the average carline sit idling for 20 minutes or more. Reducing the number of cars in the carline reduces the hazardous exhaust from cars.
  • SchoolPool promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bicycling and walking to and/or from school is a great way to encourage students to get out and be fit.
  • SchoolPool provides you with a backup in case an emergency prevents you from dropping off or picking up your child. Use your SchoolPool match list to contact other families that can assist you.
  • SchoolPool is a great way for your children to make new friends and have more fun on the trip to and from school.

SchoolPool can save you money. Whether your school is near or far, you are using gasoline to get there. In addition, a vehicle idling for two minutes uses as much gas as it takes to drive one mile.